Berlin’s new airport to open in summer of 3021.

Exciting news coming from Germany today as head of construction Steffen Flughafenbauer announced that Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) will open as soon 3021.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is scheduled to replace Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) because it can not handle the growing number of passengers to the German capital. The predicted amount of yearly visitors for the end of the year 2389 is 298 million while the airport is designed to handle 27 million visitors per year. To cope with the growing number of passengers Berlin Tegel Airport will construct 2 toilets in the 24th century, 1 new gate somewhere halfway the 25th and has placed an order for 1 firetruck.

The construction of Berlin Brandenburg Airport is facing a delays mainly because the fire safety and smoke exhaust systems are not reliable. New technology projected to come out in the 23th century will solve this problem and pave way for the grand opening in 3021.

Disclaimer: All content is satirical.