Passengers can now taxi to and from the runway with Uber

Airlines traditionally have a monopoly on taxiing from the gate to the runway and vice versa but with Uber joining the game, this is about to change.

Uber starts with the service in several airports in the US including Los Angeles and John F. Kennedy International Airport. The service will be named UberGate and the price will be dynamic and based on time of the day and how busy the airport is.

Planes will make a short stop on the runway and passengers can choose: Get out and order an Uber or continue with the airline. Future airports will have a designated waiting area next to the runway but sitting in the grass is the only option for now.

The service has the potential to change the “just sit down and wait” experience to something more personal and predictable. If you’re old fashioned, you can stay in the plane and probably find out you’ll have to take the bus to the terminal anyway.

Disclaimer: All content is satirical.