Japan Airlines installs karaoke system in all seats

Japan Airlines is installing a karaoke system in every seat of their fleet, offering a refreshing type of in-flight entertainment in the industry.

Photo: @planespotterdelhi

Karaoke is very much a Japanese thing and Japan Airlines wants to underline this. With an increasing amount of passengers looking for alternative means of entertainment, the karaoke systems are a welcome change. “Watching a movie is very one-directional but karaoke is way more than that” says VP of entertainment Suzuki Ichiro.

All seats will get a microphone and there will be 2 options: Group or individual song. The first option will have the same playlist for everyone in the flight and will be played over the PA system. The individual option is selectable by the passenger but will only play over the earphones.

Japan Airlines will start installing the system in their Boeing 787 and expects to finish the upgrade over all the fleet mid 2020.

Disclaimer: All content is satirical.