Airbus: Siri will replace autopilot and new cockpit gets 12MP selfie-camera for pilots.

On an event for press and shareholders. Airbus announced their plans for the future: Siri will replace the autopilot and the next generation cockpit layout will have a selfie-camera for instagram famous pilots. Next to that, Airbus will move their headquarters to Silicon Valley.

Siri replaces autopilot

In a unique collaboration with Apple, the traditional autopilot has to make place for Siri. “The autopilot is around since 1912 and its basic functionality has not much changed since. Siri can revolutionize this”. Airbus said that they held successful trials with only one incident where Siri mistook “Siri, turn on the seatbelt lights” for an instruction to deploy the oxygen masks and set full flaps, but Airbus said a software update by Apple resolved this.

Selfie-camera in cockpit

With an increasing (some say ridiculous) number of pilots on Instagram and other social media, the demand for a built-in camera in the cockpit is big. Airbus wants to meet that demand and now comes with a 12 megapixel wide angle camera for both the captain as the first officer seat. The camera can make selfies and directly upload them to social media.

Airbus said it wants to focus more on the pilot’s social media and overall in-flight and experience less on actual flying performance and passenger comfort because “Those things are boring”

Disclaimer: All content is satirical.