Flat earth society makes promotional round-the-world trip

The Flat Earth Society will make a trip around the world, promoting the flat earth ideas on schools and in libraries. The trip will fly from Amsterdam towards the east and will arrive back to the same city from the west, around two weeks later.

The group released their flying schedule but did not give any technical details about how flying in a pretty much straight line will get you back to the same point.

  • 10/09 Kick-off in Amsterdam
  • 12/09 AMS-FRA LH989
  • 14/09 FRA-FCO AZ403
  • 16/09 FCO-DOH QR116
  • 17/09 DOH-SIN QR942
  • 19/09 SIN-SYD SQ288
  • 21/09 SYD-LAX VA1
  • 23/09 LAX-ATL DL2270 (transfer)
  • 23/09 ATL-JFK DL2684
  • 24/09 JFK-LHR BA116
  • 26/09 LHR-AMS KL1024

We ask our plane-spotting readers for pictures of the event. You can tag @thinairtoday and use the hashtag #flateartharoundtheworld to get featured.

Disclaimer: All content is satirical.