Aeroflot asks pilots to completely wash their plane by hand before every flight

Aeroflot is on a mission to become the best looking airline and now asks pilots to wash their plane on the outside, by hand, before every single flight.

“In most professions it’s normal to take care of your own material and we now ask our pilots to do the same” says Alexander Lebedev, head of Maintenance. “It takes just 3-4 hours with 2 pilots and the plane will look fantastic when they’re finished”

Lebedev also says that there is an additional benefit: “Pilots have a job that requires sitting for long periods of time and washing an airliner is a good way to get some exercise”

Aeroflot will provide pilots with washing equipment and protective clothes so their uniform won’t get dirty. Pilots who fail or refuse to wash their plane risk a fine of 50.000 Rubles or 2 months of obligated flight attendant duty in economy class.

Disclaimer: All content is satirical.