Ryanair will soon charge extra for flights with a beautiful view

Ryanair is desperate in making more money and now comes with an additional fee for routes and times with a beautiful view. Starting 1st of December, in time before the Christmas holiday peak.

Routes that typically have nice views and flying times around sunset and sunrise will have an additional “Beauty fee” that customers are obligated to pay upon booking. For example, the added cost of a route with a Mediterranean destination during sunset can get as high as 39€

On top of all this, window blinds will be locked and can be opened for 1€ / minute, except during takeoff, taxi and landing when the FAA requires all passengers to be able to look outside. During bad weather such as fog or heavy rainfall the window blinds can be opened with a 10% discount.

Ryanair said that visually impaired passengers will also have to pay extra. “We treat everyone equally bad”.

Disclaimer: All content is satirical.